I can feel your frustration and sadness. It's scary and depressing when you and your spouse hit a rough patch in your relationship. You feel couples counseling will help but your spouse refuses to go. Your anger and sadness turns to hopelessness.

Another way to work on the relationship, if your spouse is reluctant, is to go alone. It is couples-based counseling, not individual counseling, focusing on insight into your role in any dysfunctional patterns and practical skills for improving the relationship. The great news is you can successfully be helped with just one half of the partnership.

Although it is preferable to see both partners for couples counseling where two people are committed to working on and improving the relationship, it is not absolutely necessary.

This may sound unique, but to find out how you can help your relationship with just yourself, contact me today. Don't settle for the alternative which is to stay in your unhappiness and frustration with nowhere to go.